My Service

Who I am and what I do: I have much to offer people in the areas of physical and emotional intimacy, and its impact on developing lasting, loving, luscious relationships. I offer private Confidante sessions that focus on non-judgmental, high-fidelity living. My passion is to support people in being on a path that fosters and nurtures being more at ease with one’s self, more powerful and freely self-expressed.

I am interested in energy – the fuel that drives who you are. I’m not necessarily talking about the energy you need to handle a busy day, although that’s important too. I’m talking about the core-energy that drives and steers your life. Many define this as sexual energy however, for me, I see it as far more than that. I see this as the energy that is right at the core of your power, your creativity, your effectiveness, your communication and your experience of freedom in your life. Essentially, I consider this to be the energy that fundamentally governs what you love, how you love, who you love and how you manifest it all in your life.


My work with men & women: I love men. I love their capacity for tenderness and their innate desire to contribute. I deeply appreciate what they bring to the world, and I love their capacity for fatherhood, friendship and forgiveness.

I love women. I believe in their goodness, their strength, their infinite capability and their beauty. I love who they can be for themselves, for men, for children and for the world.

I love passion and intimacy, sexuality and sensuality. In my work, regardless of your relationship to gender, and whether you are in a singular or partnered relationship, I am – most fundamentally – interested in you being a bigger, brighter you. At heart, I am devoted to you being more yummy, more juicy, more fun and maybe knowing yourself newly – I stand for you being more free, more intimate, more loving and limitlessly lovable.