My Sessions

Private Sessions: I offer Private Sessions. Depending on your location and my travel schedule, these are done in person, or over the web.

What to do: Prior to any session, you and I will need to speak briefly. For the sake of our own time, and the integrity of a possible working relationship, it’s essential that we first determine whether my practice as a professional Confidante is suited to what your needs, interests and desires are.

What to expect: I can promise that you will find me to be very open, very affable, very loving and compassionate. I am patient and very clear of the fact that you are perfectly able and capable. I will respect your time and your humanity, and, given the ethics of my profession as a Confidante, I promise absolute discretion and confidentiality, at all times, with regard to whatever it is that we discuss and explore.

If you would like to speak with me further please call or send an email.

Stay Connected: You can be kept up-to-date by subscribing to my email list. Please know that I never, ever, share my list with anybody.